Collab is project which includes several subprojects. Our general goal is create free and multiplatform solution for shared drawing in real-time (several users paint simultaneously on same canvases).

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Open source

All source code and documentation are provided under liberal licences. It's free software/open source. Source codes uses licence GNU GPL version 3.

If you don't know what we are talking about, it's means that you can download it and share it for free.


All Collab software is multiplatform. We test it for Linux, Mac OS and Windows, but it's perhaps functional in many other operating systems. It's written in Java.


Collab software is simple, you need no specific knowlege. Collab client is simple accessible by JWS, links are above. You needn't registrate anywhere, just one click and use.

For run you need Java. Java platform is almost everywhere, but if you don't have it you can download and install it free here (java.com).


Collab project includes this subprojects:

  • Collab desktop ‒ desktop application (network graphics editor)
  • Collab canvas ‒ framework for painting enabling usage with CRPP
  • Collab network ‒ framework for network comunication via CRPP
  • Collab server ‒ server for Collab (user connecting it)


Collab is based on CRPP (Colaborative raster painting protocol).

Development (pay attention)

Software is currently being developed. Be patient to untrue implementation of CRPP protocol, bugs and other. You can try pre-alpha version (go to downloads sections).

See our issue tracer (bug reporting) or wiki.

All project source codes are on public GIT repository (GitHub). Repositories are: git://github.com/MoonGames/collab-desktop.git (Collab desktop), git://github.com/MoonGames/collab-panel.git (Collab canvas), git://github.com/MoonGames/collab-server.git (Collab server), git://github.com/MoonGames/collab-network.git (Collab network).


Complete list of features is here.

  • rooms, canvases
  • by client and http access
  • painting, layers, many tools


desktop application